Incredible Marble Track Project

Despite knowing two people in the wedding party from the JK Wedding Dance video, I’m usually not a follower of the latest viral video fad. That said, I saw this video (with over half a million views as of this writing) making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook and had to share it.

If you’re interested in building something like this yourself (or if you’re just curious how it was done), the building instructions are posted here. With the holiday season right around the corner (including Editor in Chief Rob Johnstone’s birthday December 11th), you may need them … especially if someone else in your family sees the video as well.

Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

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One thought on “Incredible Marble Track Project

  1. Ahhhh, my kid just went off to college and it’ll be a few years for grandchildren. What a great idea. (Great, that is, until it’s 3 a.m. and the kid’s still won’t go to bed. Haha!)

    Thanks for posting.

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