Jerry Seinfeld Who?

Stuffed shop or situation comedy? Looks like both to you.

Who knew that a bunch of shop rats could be so darn funny?

Your response to Matt Becker’s request for Cabinet Saw Captions has been OFF THE CHARTS! And we couldn’t be happier about it. The numbers keep clicking higher as your rapier wit unleashes itself. Do you think we can top 150 captions before the comedy runs cold?

I’ve been busy working on a big “Today’s Shop” article over the past couple days for our next print issue. So, I haven’t been checking the blog much. You’d think a guy would notice that his ears are in flames with all of the ribbing I’ve been getting about this goofy photo!

Oh, and for those of you who might wonder if my wife follows these blogs…she does. (My biggest fan, I should add.) So, don’t go telling my deep, dark shop secrets to cyberspace, people. She watches those Visa bills for tool purchases like a hawk!

I’m loving the idea of having a cabinet saw for every cutting operation. Heck, how about every blade setting, too? Or, maybe just a different saw for every day of the week. I’ve heard that sort of thing happens with shoes…this is the woodworker’s version.

One by one, away they go.

Anyhow, just thought all of you comedians should know that, well, my saw nirvana is ending. One by one, these cabinet saws are heading back to their proper owners. And that’s as it should be. But, maybe two consenting saws, if left in a candlelit shop, could make a few more again. Who knows?

Keep those captions coming in. It’s great stuff!

Catch you in your ONE SAW shop,

Chris Marshall, Field Editor

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2 thoughts on “Jerry Seinfeld Who?

  1. Pablo, the bottom photo was taken just before Christmas–and before the white stuff came… Looks a lot different outside now.

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