Three-dollar Fix Improves Fold-Down Outfeed Table

July 24th, 2009 by

Your feedback can help make a good project even better, so tell us what you think. We'll appreciate it.

Douglas Green's modification to the "Fold-down Outfeed Table" makes it a better project. Thanks for the great tip, Doug!

Earlier this spring we received some good feedback about the “Fold-down Outfeed Table” project that ran in the February 2009 issue (p. 50). Glad you folks like it! But, if you’re planning to build one for your table saw (or if you’ve already completed it), be sure to add a simple modification sent in by fellow reader Doug Green from Wellington, Colorado. Doug installed a couple of screw eyes and a wire cable between the bottom of the table and the leg to keep the leg from swinging free when setting the table up. In case you missed it, he sent in a few photos of his version of the project, and they appear on p. 12 of the June 2009 print issue in “Letters.”

I just retrofitted my table with Doug’s cable, and he’s right on the mark here. That cable really helps. It holds the leg nicely in position for engaging with the Leg Stop on the saw. The supplies—a length of 3/32” diameter wire cable, a package of cable ferrules and two #206 screws eyes—cost me all of three bucks at my local BORG.

Wish I had thought of this five years ago…

Douglas Green's addition of screw eyes and a wire cable between the table and leg makes the project much easier to set up.

Adding a couple screw eyes and a wire cable between the table and leg keeps the leg from swinging during setup. Here's a tweak you'll want to add to your version of the project.

The exact position of the screw eyes isn’t critical. Just make sure to keep them in line with one another but not in the same place so they stay clear one another when you fold the table down. Mount one screw to the Leg Back Panel (piece 11) and the other to the bottom face of the table. I adjusted my cable a little tighter than necessary, because I suspect it will stretch a bit over time.

Nice improvement Doug!

Catch you in the shop,

Chris Marshall, Field Editor

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2 Responses to “Three-dollar Fix Improves Fold-Down Outfeed Table”

  1. Mark Silvers says:

    How do I receive a copy of the Feb 2009 Journal with the plans for this outfeed table? I just want to purchase this one hard copy without buying the year CD. Thanks for any help.

  2. Joanna Takes says:

    I’m sorry, but the February 2009 back issue of Woodworker’s Journal is no longer available, and the Fold-Down Outfeeed Table plan is not available separately from the 2009 compilation CD.

    - Joanna Takes, Senior Editor

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