Three-Wood Desk & Chair

This reader’s project skillfully combines three different species without sacrificing the pieces’ cohesive looks.

This is a desk and chair I recently made for my granddaughter that now has a place to do her homework. It’s made from leftover oak, maple, and walnut. The top is made from walnut plywood left from a dining table project and quarter-sawn oak edging remaining from a rocking chair project. The front chair legs are made from a piece of 100-year-old oak beam salvaged from a barn demolition. Does this make it a “green” project?

– Paul Douglass; Centennial CO

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desk and chair

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7 thoughts on “Three-Wood Desk & Chair

  1. Your desk and chair is great! Re-using the old oak beam, I think that classifies as a green. I would say your grand-daughter has the nicest desk / chair combo in her class. Not to mention that she can pass it down to her kids, making a family heirloom.

  2. Really nice! The combination of woods is perfect. Your granddaughter will be able to tell her friends that her desk is made of something old (the chair legs) and something new (the walnut plywood). It will make a great area for her to study and most certainly will remind her of her grandfather. Well done.

  3. You were asking if this is a “green” wood project? I don’t think you would want to use green wood for this because when the wood dries, it will want to warp and pull the joints apart.

    Happy April fools day.

  4. The shop power is mostly old dead power boxes…from days of old…when this building did use some of it…also the power is for other buildings…there is alot of junk in shop in partner John bought an estate ..old barn full of stuff

  5. I have subscribed to the Woodworker’s Journal, but my subscription doesn’t begin until November 2012. I am interested in the Three-Wood Desk & Chair plan so I can build the desk. However, the plans look like they are in the March 2012 additional.
    Is there anyway that you can send the free plans to me. I just love the style and the wood work.
    Thank you so much,

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