April, Post-Fool’s

For those of you who read the last issue of the eZine, which you received in your email inboxes on April 1, you may have noticed there was a little something different about it. – Editor

“You guys crack me up every year. I always get to the second article before I realize it is APRIL FOOLS DAY.  My favorite is still the kerfless band saw blade from a good number of years ago.  My next most favorite issue of the year is the eZine issue that follows the APRIL FOOLS ISSUE when people make all those comments showing that they did not catch the humor that was intended by the entire issue.  I even shared the video about how to get the most out of your table saw with a FaceBook group on woodworking for local woodworkers. Thanks again for this year’s issue.” – Charles Buster

In that light, regarding the submission from Mo Lahr of Cuspid, Wyoming:

“ I do not know if this is a special April Fools issue or just a mistake, but the correct term in one of your articles is DENTIL molding not dental. I should know because I am a retired dentist and woodworker and I still have all my fingers.” – Ken Baker, DMD

And some reader feedback in the spirit of the thing, with a very thorough roundup. – Editor

“I attended the HOOPLA conference and I heard no mention of hardwood shortages. That bit of news would have shaken the conference. Furthermore, nothing is being constructed in the South currently, so vast resources of wood is not in demand.  If the north is missing any hardwood, they should interview Chet Marchel. He must have a vast supply, as he always has some beautiful materials for his rudely short videos.  I bet it’s southern hardwood that was floated up the Mississippi!  Clever trick there!

“I did try the VR-EZ goggles in the VR-EZ goggle booth while at the conference. (Catchy booth name.) It took three EMT’s six hours to remove my glued hand from the table with Eulg. I thought every EMT kept that remedy close at hand. While patiently waiting, I tried the Milkshake Paint. I was surprised to find that I was lactose intolerant while glued to a table. The hosts were quite tolerant and compassionate of my predicament.

“Regarding your table saw tip, it would have saved electrical power had you rotated the panel counterclockwise AROUND the blade instead of pushing horizontally across only 1-2 teeth. This causes uneven wear on the carbide, then it’s time to ‘file those teeth.’  Everyone knows that!

“I enjoyed the article about culinary uses for my lathe. The only issue I found with the comments is what type gas is best to use.  I (and all my friends in the South) prefer propane. It’s probably just a Southern thing.

“The woodworking app is the best new app in a long time.  I helped test the beta version and no longer even need the app as I hear almost nothing full-time.  So soothing! Huh?” – T Newman

“Always look forward to your April first eZine.” – Lee Rehberg

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