Arrow Fastener Now Offers Affordable Pneumatics

Arrow Fastener Now Offers Affordable Pneumatics

If you’ve used a heavy-duty stapler to hang insulation batts, tack upholstery or staple garage sale signs to pickets, among countless other uses, chances are good it’s an Arrow T50®. Arrow Fastener has manufactured these chromed, all-steel staplers in their Saddle Brook, New Jersey, factory since 1957.

“Our ‘Made in America’ heritage and commitment to quality are two big reasons why the T50 Stapler is one of the most well-recognized manual staplers for construction tasks of any brand out there,” says Gregg Malanga, Arrow’s marketing product manager.


Over a tenure that spans nearly 90 years, Arrow has established itself as a market leader for a variety of stapling products, including the iconic T50 and another favorite of pro users — the HT50 Hammer Tacker. Now, the company is expanding into a new area of fastening products: pneumatics. Arrow tested the waters first with its PT50 Pneumatic Stapler. Connected to an ordinary air compressor, it fires five sizes of T50 staples that fit manual staple guns. After that, and more recently, the company added a 23-gauge pin nailer, 18-gauge brad nailer and a 15-gauge angled finish nailer to its air-tool product family.

Malanga says Arrow’s decision to offer pneumatic fastening tools was a “natural fit” for the company. “Compressor ownership is at an all-time high, and pneumatics are not as intimidating to consumers as once perceived … these are two reasons why we want to provide our customers with the added power and performance of a pneumatic system.”


Retailing for $34.99, the PT50 Pneumatic Stapler has a number of standout features worth noting. Made of die-cast aluminum with an overmolded grip, it fires T50 staples ranging from 1/4- to 9/16-in. And, similar to a standard nail gun, the stapler has a contact safety mechanism that prevents accidental firing, plus a bump-fire mode for fast, repeated use.

“This tool is amazing, with the bump-fire capability and a quick reload magazine,” Malanga adds. “It has been selling well with hundreds of positive online reviews.”


Leveraging on the success of the PT50, Arrow launched its three other pneumatic nailers with woodworkers and DIYers in mind. All three nailers have die-cast aluminum housings. Arrow’s PT18G 18-gauge Brad Nailer shoots brads up to 2-in. long. It features a tool-less jam clearing nose, similar to many other brad nailers, plus a contact safety and low-nail indicator on the magazine.

“It’s the perfect companion for most small trim and interior molding work, yet it’s durable enough for heavy-duty use,” Malanga says.

Pin nailers have been gaining traction among woodworkers for about a decade now. Their slender fastener size and surprising holding power make them handy, especially when you need to attach thin or delicate moldings and don’t want to see the evidence of a nail head. Arrow’s new PT23 Pin Nailer fires 1/2- to 1-in. pins. It has a pin length adjuster, quick-load magazine and a swiveling exhaust so you can direct air blasts away from where you’re working.


“Our PT15G Angled Nailer features a 34-degree magazine for hard-to-reach corners and working in tight spaces,” Malanga says. The gun shoots 1-1/4- to 2-1/2-in., 15-gauge nails, with tool-less jam clearing and a rubber, non-marring tip. A contact safety ensures that the gun won’t fire unless you’re ready and positioned to drive a nail.

The feature sets of these various tools are pretty typical of what’s out there in other brands. But a point worth noting about this pneumatic line is Arrow’s economical pricing. The PT18G Brad Nailer, for instance, retails for just $59.99. Arrow’s PT23G Pin Nailer sells for $49.99, and the PT15G 15-gauge Angled Nailer has a street price of $145.99.

Malanga explains that part of the rationale for offering budget-friendly pneumatic tools is that Arrow’s product focus has shifted in recent years. “We’ve moved from a manufacturing centered company to a consumer-centric company,” he says.


That re-alignment has resulted in some 40 new tools being offered with a key focus on the end user. What once was primarily a professional market, Arrow now sees its customer base more broadly: today’s woodworkers, DIYers and makers are buying Arrow fastening tools right along with pro contractors, carpenters, upholsters, wire installers and roofers.

“We want to offer price points that are attractive to both professionals and consumers,” Malanga says. “Our pneumatic products offer value pricing compared to the competition.”

But, a good deal on a pneumatic tool from Arrow doesn’t mean the buyer is fated once the purchase is made. Arrow offers a 3-year warranty on its pneumatic guns, and replacement parts are available if repairs become necessary.


So far, feedback on the new pneumatic line has been positive, Malanga reports. Customers are appreciating both the attractive pricing and quality of the tools. Arrow’s new venture, it appears, is hitting its target.

“The entrepreneurial spirit of our founder continues to this day and is reflected in our products and programs,” Malanga says. “We enable people to complete projects and learn together. It is how we have led the industry in innovation, style and functionality for over 85 years.”

Learn more about Arrow Fastener’s pneumatic tools by clicking here.


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