Ask and You Shall Receive

Last week, I casually asked how you all got started in woodworking. Wow — we got a lot of emails in reply! While today’s Weekly Feedback section only contains a small sampling of your “origin” stories, look for more of them in the weeks to come.

I have to say I enjoyed reading them. They vary from “Norm Abrams” to “I fell in love with the lathe.” But so many of them were family-related: dads, uncles or grandparents getting kids interested in making things. While I have been considering working with my grandkids in the shop, I am now on a mission.

Thanks for all your submissions…look for more of them soon!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Video: Table Saw Fundamentals

Table saws are the undisputed workhorse of a woodworking shop. Rob Johnstone discusses the fundamentals of this highly versatile tool. Let’s get started!

Firewood Table Lamp

Turned firewood table lamp

The American Association of Woodturners’ Rick Rich explains how you can turn a couple of pieces of scrap firewood and pre-packaged hardware into an attractive table lamp.

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Preparing wood for finishing

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