Black Walnut Table

This reader-submitted project comes with a story of the woodworking equivalent to finding a $100 bill in the pocket of a long forgotten jacket or pair of pants.

This is a black walnut table I made this weekend. I got a tree trunk about 6 years ago for free and rough cut it and stacked it in the back of my shop and completely forgot it was there. Last week I was doing a little cleaning and found it. Can you imagine my excitement to find hundreds of dollars worth of this kind of wood hiding right under my nose?

The table measures 18″x 18″ x 26″ tall. I used mortise and tenon joints and a few Kreg joints to hold the top to the skirt. There is no stain on it just 4 coats of clear lacquer. I opted not to round the legs on my lathe because I wanted to simplify the construction so I can make a few more for sale so I ran a 45 chamfer bit on all the legs, skirt, and top. It was a lot of fun and as you can see the wood is beyond beautiful.

My neighbor is taking out another walnut tree this fall,can you guess where I’ll be that weekend?

– Andy; Visalia, California

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Black Walnut Table 1

Black Walnut Table 2

Black Walnut Table 3

Black Walnut Table 4

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