Boffo Biffy

Boffo Biffy

Last week Rob shared his latest, ahem, outdoor project … Several of you offer kudos. – Editor

“That’s a fine-looking outhouse! Tell me, though, how do you make the door work with only one hinge???” – Jim Witmer

“Can’t say I have ever built one but have used plenty of them! I must say that is a very impressive loo! Well done. Thanks for brightening my day.” – Phil Kleidosty

“Well I read your write-up on the outhouse and saw a flaw. Of all things, you left off the half moon on the door. Don’t you realize that this will be used by someone with no time to spare, and they may overlook your outhouse thinking it is some other type of storage building. Now you have me wondering if all things essential are included inside, such as a storage box for corn cobs. You do use corn cobs don’t you?” – Joe Stallard

“How about this outhouse/notepaper holder for your next one (above)? The paper is a roll from an adding machine (Staples still sells them!). I designed this for seventh- and eighth-grade students when I was a technology/shop teacher. They used a band saw to cut the roughsawn slats to thickness and then to length. Maybe some readers would enjoy making it or a variation of it.” – John Roccanova

“Great article! We had to rehab one at my mom’s lake place. Item #3 to remember: Don’t chew your fingernails!” – Ed Parry

“Have you ever seen articles about two-story outhouses in early hotels?” – Lee Walkowski

“I have built a few outhouses over the years. My most recent was achieved with reclaimed wood from pallets (above). I probably spent more on the electricity to power my Sawzall than if I had purchased new lumber. But I pieced it together, and it stands today in the woods in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.” – CB Currier

“When it comes to outhouses, they do not say ‘stuff’ happens. I believe they use a different word. Nice outhouse, by the way.” – Rick Corbitt

“Do these outhouses come with a choice of multiple seats and sizes?” – mccrimm93

“Is it functional, and if so, where is the half-moon? It’s not complete without the moon. A professional should know this!” – T. Newman

“It looks like we have a similar experience with plumbers in our backgrounds. Mine was great grandfather, grandfather and granduncle. And I grew up with outhouses being around. First thing I noticed is that yours does not have the required quarter moon in the door. Last I knew this was not optional.” – Kenneth Stump

“I have to say, from the picture it doesn’t look too “crappy’.” – Robert Hoyle

“Read your latest article today, and I realized that you missed something. There’s a third thing all plumbers need to know: don’t bite your fingernails! Keep up the good work. I look forward to each of your editorials.” – Walter Mooney

“Best one of the few that I used faced the woods and had a combination screen/storm door where you could see out into nature and had natural daytime lighting.” – Brian Hanson

“In Empire, Wyoming, there is a two-story outhouse. I’ll let you figure it out. I’ve been there and got pictures.” – RileyG

“Not too often that you get to show off an outhouse, but, here’s (above) what my boys built to replace the 50+ year-old one on the left.” – Lynda Flinck

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