Carter Products Perfect Sphere Lathe Accessory

Carter Products Perfect Sphere™ Lathe Accessory

Turning a perfect sphere with a handheld gouge can be a tricky proposition, but Carter Products’new Perfect Sphere™ Lathe Accessory should simplify the task and make sphere sizing easily repeatable. The system includes a revolving base that bolts into the bed slot of most lathes. A riser supports a threaded cutter control knob for setting up precise cuts, and a #4 Hunter round carbide cutter removes material with each rotation of the base. It rides on a dual-bearing transport for smooth movement of the cutterhead and in order to help eliminate vibration while working dense woods. The accessory’s flexible configuration options enable it to cut either concave or convex arcs, and it will turn spheres from 1 to 14 inches in diameter, depending on the swing of the lathe and the length of the riser stud you use. It is designed to fit lathes with center heights ranging from 10- to 24/25-in. Riser stud lengths (one is selected at the time of purchase) come in 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, 20- and 24/25-in. sizes. Carter’s new Perfect Sphere Lathe Accessory (model PS-1000) is available now on Carter Products’ website and sells for $349.90 with one riser stud.

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