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Last week, I inquired about your interest in creating woodworking drawings using CAD software. While several of you admit that pencil, paper and a few drawing tools serve you well, many are in full support of creating designs with a computer (see this week’s Feedback section). CAD can help you create highly accurate, realistic renderings that are easier to modify than burning up pencil erasers or starting over. Computer-generated parts also make it possible to create bulletproof material lists and estimate the amount of lumber you’ll need to buy.

Not surprisingly, many of you use SketchUp, but if you’re not a fan, check out our Feedback section for some software suggestions from your fellow readers. I think I’ll give SketchUp another try, probably using one of your many recommendations for helpful tutorials. Thanks to all who have taken the time to share opinions and advice! I would have expected no less from our rank and file.

Chris Marshall, Woodworker’s Journal

Greenville Woodworkers Guild

Greenville Woodworkers Guild sign
South Carolina members enjoy 20,000 square ft of shop space, fellowship, education, outreach and more.

Rockler Box Joint Cauls

Clamping up a project with box joint cauls
Chris Marshall explores the perfect aid for assembling box joints with Rockler’s Box Joint Cauls.

Make a Screen Door

Exterior screen door with colored panels
A classic summer project, featuring sustainable wood and beautiful Arts & Crafts elegance.

Building an Oar Chair

Chair with oar shaped backing
This unique project makes use of some interesting techniques to create a lovely chair which blends found material and solid custom woodworking.

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