EazyPower: Pioneers in Drill Bit Innovation

EazyPower: Pioneers in Drill Bit Innovation

Next time you slip a hex-shank drill bit into a quick-change screwdriver or drill — manual or electric — take a moment to thank the EazyPower Corporation. When the company was created some 20 years ago, they were the first to come out with a full line of hex-shank drill bits.

The family-owned company was established in 1985. Ira Kozak, EazyPower’s vice president of operations and one of the company’s founders, explained that they started out as manufacturer’s representatives. “We had a cordless screwdriver in the line and sold the hex drill bits as an accessory. When we found there was a lot of interest in that product, we decided to expand the program and produce the products themselves.”

Unique lines of power tool accessories soon evolved that included products ranging from drill bits, to screwdriver tips, to woodworking tools, and even buffing accessories! The company has continued on its path of innovation, developing many different patents over the years.

“We received a worldwide patent on our Flex-A-Bit® flexible extensions in 1989,” Ira explained. “A flexible extension for cordless screwdrivers and electric drills, it’s very safe to use at any speed and been used for woodworking, industrial and automotive applications. The outside doesn’t rotate, so you can actually guide it in with your fingertips. And it’s magnetic, so holds the screws. It’s a great tool!”


Another innovation, the company’s patented One-Way Screw Remover/Installer has become one of their most successful products. It’s used to quickly and easily remove standard slotted screws whether their heads are stripped heads or they’re just plain stuck. Other patented items include screwdrivers, tub racks, screwdriver display boxes, and locking bulk merchandisers.

In fact, according to Ira, EazyPower has the largest selection of screwdriver bits in the industry today. They include high-speed steel, titanium, masonry and just about every other kind of bit in different diameters, different applications, and in lengths ranging from one to sixteen. But the company has gone way beyond just bits.

With over 14,000 total individual products, their comprehensive line of power tool accessories includes abrasives, woodworking tools, drill accessories, screwdrivers, and sockets. Within this lineup, the flagship hex-shank bits are well represented and offered in two wide-ranging lines & the Isomax Contractor Grade for professionals and the Achiever DIY Grade Accessories for the rest of us. Within these latter two lines are encyclopedic collections of machine bits, Allen-wrench heads, grinding stones, rasps & files, flap sander wheels, countersink, brad head, and, of course, a wide range of Phillips and slotted drill and screwdriver bits.

EazyPower’s products are promoted in print, on the Internet, advertised on TV and through direct marketing to customers. They even offer a full range of display boxes for point of purchase sales. And you’ll find the EazyPower brand around the corner and all over the world.

“Our products are sold through typical distribution,” Ira explained. “We sell through hardware stores, home centers, industrial suppliers, electronics stores, and woodworking retailers like Rockler. With so many different items in the line, chances are, if somebody needs something in the power screwdriver area, we have it!”

With headquarters in Chicago, the company manufactures some products locally in an 110,000 sq. foot plant and warehouse, and some overseas. The products are pretty straightforward, so customer service spends most of its time taking and processing orders for product. But they’ll be glad to answer technical questions or provide advice on applications.

Ira explained the company’s common sense formula for success: “We give consumers a quality product at prices they can afford to pay.”

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