Fort in a Box

One of my grandchildren had a birthday this weekend. He has a passion for making things, and he’s “helped” me make some things in my shop. A while ago, we turned some potatoes on the lathe, baked them and then had “turned potatoes” for dinner.

On Saturday, I gave him a “Fort in a Box.” It contained four rolls of different-colored duct tape, a package of clothespins and a couple of rolls of cord. Some of the cord was cut into short lengths and pre-tied with a loop. I also included two pulleys, a pair of gloves and some small squeeze clamps with magnets on them. Let the construction begin.

The plastic box came with the warning: Not safe for little sisters. (Life can be hard sometimes.)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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Desk corner with exposed plywood edges

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Using clamp to hold motor during maintenance

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