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I’ve written previously about the fact that, for reasons unknown except for the Fates, I have built a lot of biffies in my life — you know, outhouses.

Last weekend, I once again put my construction know-how to the task of biffy building. As is common in repetitive projects, technical improvements were part of the plan. I added screens to the vent locations. There was also a split door enhancement, so a person can modestly observe nature while participating in a natural event. I added a well-positioned pee-panel, too. As you all know, I could go on here.

The last outhouse I built was for my cabin; just before that, I built one for my sister Sally. My sister Georgia commissioned this one. (I only have one more sister, just in case you were wondering.)

There are many things in this world for which one could become known as an expert…but biffies?

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Laguna X|Flux:5 Tool Preview

The all-new X|Flux 5 boasts a powerful 5HP motor and moves an impressive 1823 CFM of air. Auto-cleaning of the HEPA filter is accomplished with motorized dual paddles that sweep the filter every 3 minutes in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. A handheld remote and LED drum light come standard. Perfect for the demanding hobbyist or small pro shop. The X|Flux 5 lets you run a large-diameter pipe through your shop with drops to individual machining stations. It features full HEPA filtration for the most pristine shop air, and a convenient 39 gallon drum that can be lowered onto locking casters for emptying.

Sharpening Cart

Whether you are a woodturner or a worker of flat wood, a means to organize your sharpening supplies and tools is a handy thing. This rolling cart takes care of sharpening clutter and tool storage in one package.

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