Gone Hunting

When you read this, I’ll be in an undisclosed location walking somewhere behind my trusty bird dog and next to my son, hoping the day will grace us with birds on the wing. It’s a call of nature I’ve felt each September for even longer than I’ve been a woodworker. At my age, I’ll gladly admit that a 20-gauge under my arm on a crisp, early fall morning is about as gratifying to me as any project I might be building in the shop. So please pardon my absence this week, folks. The siren song of Mother Nature is a powerful influence indeed!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Building a Small Cabinet

We’re building a small cabinet with the new KREG 520PRO and 720PRO Pocket Hole Jigs.

Download the Project Plans.

Game Table Trio Project

Three-in-One Game Table project

We used a cutting-edge CNC tool to make this multi-game table. You can build it conventionally, too.

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One of the most common fixes in woodworking and home repair is loose screws. Find out how to tighten things up in this handy video.

Three ways to fix loose screws
Rockler Wood Screw Glossary

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