Gorilla Glue Hopes You’ll ‘Build It, Share It’

Gorilla Glue Hopes You’ll ‘Build It, Share It’

Face it, folks, we’re in the holiday season. More than likely, your project gift lists are starting to take shape, and soon you’ll be in full production mode on those stocking stuffers. Maybe you are wrapping up a big project now that’s worth bragging rights, and you just so happened to use a Gorilla Glue product to build it.

Either way, Gorilla Glue wants to see the fruits of your shop labors. Even better, your effort could be worth some glue on the shelf and cash in your pocket, as well as the pockets of your favorite woodworking club, guild or school.

Here’s the scoop: Gorilla Glue is currently sponsoring a “Build It and Share It” contest, and they are looking for woodworking projects that were made with any of Gorilla Glue’s products: polyurethane glue, cyanoacrylate glue, wood glue or epoxy. As long as it’s a Gorilla Glue adhesive, your project is eligible.


Nadine Williams, assistant marketing manager for Gorilla Glue, explains the genesis of the contest this way: “We do a lot of outreach to the woodworking community through our Woodworking Panel (for a related story, click here). In that process, we continue to receive lots of photos and great backstories about projects woodworkers are making with our glues. Then it occurred to us: Why not create a gallery that showcases what woodworkers are making and give them the opportunity to tell everyone about it?”

And so, until December 31, 2011, Gorilla Glue hopes you’ll consider emailing or snail-mailing in your latest masterpiece to enter the contest. All entries will be posted to the company’s Woodworking Gallery on Gorilla Glue’s Facebook page. Then, on Jan. 3, one winner will be selected by the company at random as the “Build It and Share It” contest winner. (Note: The contest is only open to residents of the United States and Canada.)


“The reason we are drawing a random winner is that we know that woodworking projects of all calibers are art forms. We don’t want to discourage entry-level projects or the great stories that go along with them. Whether you are teaching your son or daughter how to build a birdhouse or making something extremely complex, we want to see it and share it in our Gallery! And, we want you to tell us the who’s, what’s, where’s and why’s behind it, too.”

Williams says that you can upload a digital photo of your project directly to the Facebook page, but it should be limited to 1MB or less of file size. You can email larger photos to her at nw@gorillaglue.com or send a print of it to the company’s mailing address: Gorilla Glue, 4550 Red Bank Expressway, Cincinnati, OH 45227, ATTN: Nadine Williams.

What are the stakes? The winner will receive a cash prize of $250, and $500 will go to the woodworking club or guild of which you are a member or to a local school or charity of your choice. In addition, your club or guild will receive $300 worth of Gorilla Glue products. If you do not belong to a club or guild, the company will send you $100 worth of product, and $200 worth of glue will go to a local school or club of your choice in your name.


“We know that woodworkers are passionate about their craft, and here’s our way of helping you showcase your work. We hope that what you share will help inspire someone else.”

Contest photos will be posted to the Woodworking Gallery, and plans are to have them continue to be viewable beyond the contest as the project collection expands over time.

So, be sure to grab your camera and take a few shots before you wrap those holiday gifts or deliver that new heirloom to its final destination. Certainly, it deserves a spot in Gorilla Glue’s Woodworking Gallery, don’t you think?

Don’t forget … the contest ends New Year’s Eve.

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