Historic Collection of Woodworking Projects Now Available

Today's Woodworker  Complete Collection CD

Here at Woodworker’s Journal, we’ve been digging deep in our archives to put together our largest collection to date of almost-forgotten projects, articles, tips, techniques and wood science. But the archives where we’ve been digging aren’t exactly Woodworker’s Journal archives — at least, not really. Confused?

Longtime readers may remember when two different magazines — Woodworker’s Journal and Today’s Woodworker — combined into the publication you know today as Woodworker’s Journal. Once that happened, Today’s Woodworker ceased publication.

Larry Stoiaken, the former editor in chief of Today’s Woodworker and current publisher of Woodworker’s Journal, said “When our magazine (Today’s Woodworker) bought Woodworker’s Journal and merged them together, we had to suck it up and admit that they had the better name. So we moved forward with it. But we always knew we had the best projects in the industry…”

As the years went by, it became more and more clear to us that these issues are just too good to keep locked in the vault. OK, to be honest, they’re actually in binders on shelves around the office — but it just sounds cooler to say they’re locked in a vault. As the resident content guru here at the Journal, one of my jobs is to make sure that all of our archival material is readily accessible for woodworkers looking for great project ideas. Trouble was, most of our Today’s Woodworker content was “pre-digital.” But that didn’t stop me. I put on my analog hat and, with the help of Publishing Assistant Matt Hocking, dug into the back issues. Now, I’m proud to help present the complete Today’s Woodworker Collection — all on one CD.

Along with tricks of the trade, finishing advice, wood science and much more that hasn’t seen the light of day since the late 1990s, this CD contains over 200 projects for your home and shop. And don’t let the 15-plus years since their publication scare you off: these are timeless classics from some of the top woodworkers in the country. You’ll even see a younger version of current editor in chief Rob Johnstone (pre-grandpa days).

So click here to buy this incredible collection.  After all, haven’t you been waiting long enough for this great content?

Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

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