Holiday Huzzah

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As a member of a blended family with conflicting schedules, along with seasonal sickness and other complicating factors, we just completed celebrating approximately 17 family “Christmases.” They were all fun, and the family connections were a true blessing.

At the same time, I have never been more motivated to go back to work and think non-festive thoughts. Give me a spreadsheet — please, a meeting where we consider basis points or top-of-the-funnel marketing. Let me build a project or clean the shop. (Like the Christmas gifts shown below.)

Rob's Christmas bowl projects

But with a new year soon to come before us, this season has reminded me once again what a fortunate person I am. And I hope that is true for you as well.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Jerry Carlson: Believe in Magic Again

Jerry Carlson and his son Cyrus with a elf house
Minnesota woodworker Jerry Carlson‘s whimsy begs the question: Are there elves living in the woods?

Keep Tools Cool: Mark Extension Cord Ratings

Extension cord marked with length and amperage
Don’t let your tools suffer the same fate as this reader’s did. Here’s a simple tip that will keep you from overheating them next time you grab an extension cord.

Premium Project: Breakfront Plant Stand

Three part breakfront plant stand project
Our senior editor puts Leigh’s FMT Pro Jig through its paces to mill a bunch of mortise-and-tenon joints for this Arts & Crafts-inspired piece.

Premium Project: Greene & Greene-Inspired Nightstand

Mahogany nightstand
Sleep blissfully with a classic mahogany nightstand beside your bed. Lovely lines and beautiful lumber combine to make a family heirloom.

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Testing a custom branding iron

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