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Woodworker’s Journal does quite a bit of surveying to find out what woodworkers are thinking about and what needs they express to enhance their craft. For instance, we’ve learned that every year, one of the biggest challenges woodworkers face is heating (or cooling, for you deep south folks). It always ranks first or second in terms of obstacles to getting in the shop. Right now, I’m in the process of installing a new heater in my shop; the unit is mounted and I’m waiting for the electrician to finish the wiring connections. With that said, this is no small deal, and it will be a constant drain on my pocketbook. (I know, poor me!)

So I am wondering, how do you folks out in the Weekly contingent deal with the challenges of the changing seasons, whether that be heat or cold? I hope you’ll write in and share your strategies.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Simple Corner Cabinet

Corner bathroom cabinet

This easy-to-build corner cabinet adds a bit of storage to a small space with a touch of style!

Live-Edge Floating Shelves

We’ll show you how to make make floating shelves using live edge lumber, including tips for how to prepare the live edge lumber, smoothing the faces, and removing the bark without changing the natural contours of the edge. There are several methods you can use to smooth the shelves, but this process was made even easier thanks to the JET Drum Sander. The exposed ends of the shelves were cut using a JET band saw. These shelves were mounted using special blind shelf support hardware.

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Achieving uniform spacing and alignment of shelf pin holes doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Quite the contrary! See how the Rockler JIG IT system makes this task quick, easy, and reliable.

Drilling shelf pin holes with a template

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