It’s October!

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There is something very sneaky about the 10th month of the year. It approaches without warning and then swoops in with a vengeance. Why is this important? Because October is the month that I have always thought would be the proper month to begin making my Christmas gifts. Starting now would allow me time to enjoy making the gifts, wallowing in the warmth of the creative process. But for some reason, when October bursts on the scene, I am not even halfway ready to start my projects.

At least this year, I have winnowed the potential gifts for my grandkids down to two possibilities. That is better than most years. I guess the only way to go is forward. Let the sawdust fly.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Hemlock: A Construction Lumber Mainstay

Checking a piece of hemlock lumber
While it might not be a particularly common softwood for woodworking, hemlock earns its keep with contractors.

Split-Turned Spoons

Examples of turned sugar spoons

David Springett of the American Association of Woodturners explores the challenges and techniques he developed when turning pairs of sugar spoons.

Premium Project: Tall Dresser

Showing large cabinet mounted to wall
This unique dresser could be ideal for a narrow wall space, and its knife hinges will hone your hardware installation skills.

Premium Project: Build a Simple Dresser

Three drawer dresser project

For not very much money and about a half a day’s work, you can complete this simple but useful and attractive dresser.

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