Maddening Mistakes

I am generally a pretty even-tempered, positive guy. I’ve been around the bend several times, and I know that many problems seem terrible in the moment but trivial later on. I have even learned to be easy on myself when I make a silly mistake from time to time. Perhaps age has mellowed me.

But there are a few things in the woodshop that can still take me from mellow to mad in a heartbeat. For example, the one-brush-stroke-too-many mistake: I am laying down a finish with my paintbrush and it is smooth, silky and shiny. I pause, appreciate the work and then some demented demon sparks me to make one last brush stroke which then produces a run and sag … Despite trying to fix it, it just gets worse with each effort. It is a wonder the finish does not combust simply by proximity to the smoke coming from my ears.

I suspect I am not alone with having a specific mistake that is more upsetting than myriad others. So I am asking you, what cranks your stem when you are in the shop?

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Grow Against Poverty

Projects made to support Grow Against Poverty in Kenya
Proceeds from couples’ woodcraft sales benefit education for Kenyans.

Making Frame-and-Panel Doors

Drawing of a cabinet door with raised frame and panel construction

When a person thinks of a lovely cabinet door, most of us envision the classic frame-and-panel design.

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