Milwaukee Tool Expands Brookfield Facility

Milwaukee Tool Expands Brookfield Facility

In a continuing effort to meet the demands of its growing workforce, Brookfield, Wisconsin-based Milwaukee Tool recently completed a 200,000-sq.-ft., four-story addition to its headquarters. At a cost of more than $33 million, the project effectively doubles the company’s office space footprint.

“With tremendous growth goals in our future, it was crucial to expand our current facility to accommodate the many resources and people responsible for our success, all on one campus,” says Heather McGee, assistant brand manager, media relations, for Milwaukee Tool.

Over the past seven years, the company has tripled the number of employees who work at its headquarters, which is located about 12 miles from the city of Milwaukee. It is home to Milwaukee Tool’s Power Tool, Accessory, Hand Tool and Empire Level business units. Just over 300 employees worked at the Brookfield campus in 2011, and now the company employs more than 1,000 people there.

The new building expansion will enable Milwaukee to create roughly 500 new jobs while also retaining all those who work in the current facilities. McGee reports that the new expansion is designed to immerse employees in a collaborative environment that reflects the users they design tools for. It features open-air creative and cross-functional meeting spaces, a variety of office space choices that adapt to different meeting sizes and styles, and natural lighting from nearly 360 degrees of window coverage.

“In general, it’s an environment that stimulates creative thinking and problem-solving,” McGee adds. “Our Brookfield headquarters provides an atmosphere of vision and passion so essential in a fast-paced, innovative environment … It is a critical component in driving the significant growth we are continuing to see.”

In addition to the new office space, Milwaukee also plans to revitalize the entire campus with upgraded facades and landscape and parking improvements.

Expanding the current campus was a natural choice for the company, which has a long and storied history in Brookfield. “This is where our roots took hold and our great heritage has flourished,” McGee says. “Combine that with our driven culture and world class employees, and we have the necessary ingredients for continued growth and success.”

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