One to Go

Rob Johnstone photoWith two days left to go, I am down to one gift left to build for the Christmas holiday. And the good news is, it’s not a Chippendale dining set that I need to crank out. It’s just a wooden spoon for one of my grandkids. He loves to cook, so I thought I would make him a personal spoon from a deadfall birch tree I harvested last fall.

Nothing says love like treenware.

As this truly odd holiday season moves forward, I want to take a moment to wish all of you who read the Weekly a happy holiday…whichever you celebrate and however you choose to do so. This year my family is not gathering for a big get-together. But as we eagerly anticipate the potential end of this pandemic, with the help of new vaccines, I can tell you that I am already thinking of a blowout Fourth of July!

So thank you for your support and feedback, I really enjoy when you respond to my quirky questions. Please stay safe and keep on making sawdust.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Gift Plan: Turn a Trivet and Wine Caddy

Trivet and Wine Caddy woodturning projects

Walter Wager of the American Association of Woodturners shows off a clever combo of turnings: a wine caddy and matching trivet with cork padding.

Building an Outdoor Storage Box

Outdoor seating and storage are often at a premium — this little bench is practical, easy to move and provides storage. This project is made from dimension lumber that you can find at any lumberyard or home center. We chose cedar, but if you are going to paint the project, pine would work as well.

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Epoxy and wood coasters? Now that’s a groovy project! Check out our step-by-step Skill Builder to see the clever construction of these coasters from start to finish. Have fun choosing your own wood species and epoxy color combinations for your own set!

Making coasters with an epoxy pour

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