Oneida Air Systems Marks 30 Years

Oneida Air Systems Marks 30 Years

Now celebrating 30 years in business, Oneida Air Systems has grown from a two-man operation working out of a garage to a dust collection manufacturing leader in Syracuse, New York. It’s a true American dream built brick by brick by co-founders Robert Witter and Peter Fedrigon.

Robert Witter and Peter Fedrigon after the founding of Oneida Air Systems
Oneida Air Systems history in the making. Founders Robert Witter (left) and Peter Fedrigon (right) in their garage on Oneida Lake in 1993, where the company originated.

Drawing from their expertise in designing dust collection systems for large manufacturers, in 1993 Witter and Fedrigon embarked on a mission to create the best possible system for smaller woodworking shops. They focused on a scientific approach using airflow principles, cyclone separators and industrial filter media in correct proportion. Oneida Air’s first offering was a cyclone separator, which drastically improved collection effectiveness for bagged dust collectors.

Visual evolution of Oneida's Dust Deputy cyclone
From left to right are iterations of the company’s most iconic product, the Dust Deputy cyclone pre-separator in blue steel (2006), original molded (2008) and 2.5 molded (2022).

Within two years, they launched their first motorized cyclonic collector and ductwork design plans for individual workshops. Shortly thereafter, the company came out with the first open-pleated cartridge filters that are the industry standard today. Innovation continued to propel Oneida Air forward, with the ensuing years being filled with groundbreaking inventions. From the revolutionary Dust Deputy cyclone pre-separator for wet/dry vacuums to their highly-awarded Supercell dust collector, Oneida Air continues to spur industry advancement for the betterment of woodworkers the world over. Today the company holds over 59 pending and active patents, with products sold in nearly 50 countries.

Oneida Air Systems high pressure dust collector
Supercell Turbo Dust Collector

Oneida Air has thrived as a U.S. manufacturer of American- made products when many competitors have moved their operations overseas. The company has built a reputation for high-quality dust collection systems, the expert knowledge of its in-house technical sales and support team, and its commitment to helping woodworkers achieve the cleanest shops possible.

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