Pine Away!

In the new June issue of Woodworker’s Journal, we conducted a survey about lumber species preferences. One of the questions was, “Which domestic species do you build with the most?” I asked our survey group to select only one option. Unsurprisingly, oak (both red and white varieties) was the most used species among our respondents. But to my surprise, pine was the second most used domestic species. Perhaps my “old school” notion that hardwoods are superior/preferable to softwoods may be out of date — but that is just my opinion. Clearly, I need to be better informed, which leads me to this question: For what type of projects do you choose pine? How often do you use it? I am ready to learn, so I hope you will enlighten me.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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What do you do when the material is too thick for your router bit? Find the answer to this and more with our template routing video demo.

Displaying paper and cardboard router templates

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