Project Building in Full Swing

With hints of fall now in the air, holiday gift-building has begun. It is perhaps the best time of year for many of us woodworkers. There are few things more satisfying than making something for someone you care for. But doing it for a bunch of people that you love is even better.

The question always comes down to what to make this year. So many ideas, so little time. You may even be wondering where you can get project inspiration and maybe even plans? Please allow me to offer some advice that might benefit both of us. The Woodworker’s Journal Store page could do both for you. You can find project ideas simply to inspire you. And if you see something that you really like, you can purchase a plan for it. The costs run from just a buck to about eight dollars, so your wallet will not become significantly smaller. But your time in the shop might become significantly more efficient.

So by all means get busy on your gift projects, but please accept a little help from your friends here at Woodworker’s Journal.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Use Biscuits or Mortise and Tenons?

Using a biscuit cutter to cut joinery

Can you use biscuits instead of mortise and tenon joints? Our experts discuss this reader’s quandary.

Project: Ginkgo Leaf Table

While this table is the author’s original design, he drew inspiration from Japanese furniture and architecture. This plan is FREE for Woodworker’s Journal print subscribers.

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Of the many types of woodworking joinery, the mortise and tenon is among the most tried and true. Watch the video for tips on how to make the strongest and best fitting mortise and tenon joints for your projects.

Making a mortise and tenon joint

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