Table Saw Bevel Cut Jig

Table Saw Bevel Cut Jig

Is there a jig that will enable me to bevel cut more that a 45 degree angle on my table saw?

Richard Jones: You shouldn’t have a problem cutting bevels more than 45 degrees, meaning angles between 45 and 90 degrees, on a table saw. You might have difficulties cutting angles that are more acute than 45 degrees. For that you could make a jig or false table that is ramped on the saw table at, for example, 10 degrees. With that, you should be able to get those angles between 45 and 35 degrees.

John Brock: When I need a flatter bevel than 45 degrees, I just rip it off the side of a square piece. Turn your head 90 degrees. The other, flatter pieces are on the other side of the blade.

Michael Dresdner: Think vertical. If you read the piece you are cutting from the table, you can’t get more acute than 45 degrees. However, if the piece is read from the fence, you can go to one degree or less. Be aware, of course, that cutting in vertical format can be much more dangerous, and take appropriate precautions. Without knowing exactly what the cut is, I can’t be more specific, but do not attempt any cut you can’t make safely.

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