Table Saw Burning Wood

Table Saw Burning Wood

I’m getting burning of the wood on my 10-inch table saw with both a low price 40-tooth blade and a higher priced 80-tooth blade. Any advice?

John Brock: Adjust the fence and clean the blade. Use a splitter if the stock is cupping back into the blade.

Carol Reed: It sounds like the wood is binding. Check the alignment of the blade with the miter slot and the fence. They must be absolutely parallel.

Richard Jones: The most common causes I come across during ripping operations are using the wrong type of saw blade, using a dull blade, having the rip fence not parallel with the blade, and feeding too slowly, allowing the blade to spin against stationary wood. In truth, neither of the blades you’ve described can possibly be rip blades. For ripping, what you need is a flat-top grind 20- or 24-tooth blade.

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