The Race is On!

Rob Johnstone photoAs I have shared from time to time, my personal belief seems to be that if a job is not important enough to be put off until tomorrow, it is just not important. When I was hired for this job, I was asked if I worked well with deadlines. I answered that I don’t work at all without one. With that in mind and holiday gifts to be made, you can see my challenge. I have many of them planned in my head and even have some of the material I need.

Still, I am old enough to know that I enjoy the rush of the gift work and the excitement of getting them done just in time. My wife thinks there might be something wrong with me in this regard…she may have a point.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Turning Treenware

Ernie Conover shows off his time-tested methods for making treenware, specifically a spoon and a spatula. You can find his patterns for cutting the general shapes at the band saw here. Then he’ll take the blanks to the lathe to demonstrate the best methods for cutting the curved surfaces and handles.

Perpetual Calendar Project

Scroll sawn calendar

Test out your scroll saw techniques and never buy another calendar again with his handy perpetual calendar.

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Securing bits properly in your router is an essential fundamental to make successful cuts. Brush up on bit changing skills for portable and table-mounted routers in the video below.

Changing a router bit

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