The Scrap Challenge

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Recently I have been cleaning out my storage unit and trying to find space in my garage for all the must-have stuff. (I ask myself the question, does it bring me joy? Darn right it does!)

This winnowing exercise has actually gone better than expected. If I have not used something for eight years, it is hard to argue that I still need it. But then there are the pieces of exceptional wood that are just too good to throw away. So good!

I know this is a challenge that every single woodworker has addressed, so I am curious how you all have done it. Please, give me a bit of direction.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Edge V-Groove Bits

V-groove cutting router bit set
Form solid-wood edging for plywood that’s tougher than veneer tape and as subtle or bold as you wish.

Dowel Pin Shrinker

Differently sized dowels and pipes

Don’t make a common mistake when it comes to a miscalculated dowel installation. Bruce Kieffer has a simple solution.

Premium Project: Simple Bookcase

Simple three shelf bookcase project
This fun to build, functional bookcase will organize books or anything you choose and can be painted to match your decor.

Premium Project: Classic Morris Chair

Arts and Crafts leather arm chair

Build a handsome Morris chair under the tutelage of a seasoned woodworking teacher, and add steam bending to your skills.

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