The Thin Wood Line

I am building a project for the December issue of Woodworker’s Journal right now. For some reason, some idiot thought that veneering would add an interesting technique to the project. (That idiot would be me …)

I love what you can do with veneer, especially in terms of controlling the grain and figure patterns. I am using white oak on the exterior of the project, and the quartersawn grain and flake are amazing.

The problem with veneer, of course, is that you have to apply it to the substrate. And there are just no shortcuts to the program…even though I try to find one each time I do a project like this. To be honest, this time around my attempted shortcut ended up with glue everywhere, veneer stuck to places it should not have been stuck and a lot more work than if I had just done it the traditional way.

But fear not…even with this messy adventure in the mix I can see that this project is going to look great.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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Hand Cutting Mortise and Tenons

Cutting a tenon with a hand saw

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Using a table saw to cut tenon joinery

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