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Rob Johnstone photoLast week I mentioned that April is National Woodworking Month. To celebrate the month, I asked you to email photos of your latest projects — and a bunch of you did! We’ll put them on a webpage at the end of the month, and one contributor will win a woodworking tool.

To encourage you in this effort, here’s a photo of some bowls I turned recently.

Rob Johnstone's bowls for National Woodworking Month

It was last winter, and I had just gotten my shop heater really going. The pandemic was really going too, so I was really going nowhere. That weekend I used some birch from a log I had cut down at my cabin, as well as some spalted birch I had in the shop already, and I had a personal turn-a-thon. It was a lovely day spent at the lathe. My dog Leeroy supervised from a camping chair and I counted it a success. Keep those projects coming in!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Right-sizing a Dowel Hole

Using fabric to fill gap between dowel and wood

When your dowels don’t quite match up to the size of the hole you drilled for them, this reader has a tip on how to tighten that fit.

Small Cabinet Joinery

Rob Johnstone tests out the new KREG 520PRO and 720PRO Pocket-Hole Jigs to help him build a small cabinet.

Click Here to Download the Drawings and Materials List.

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Staying safe in the shop is always priority number one, and outfitting your shop with the right safety-oriented equipment goes a long way toward keeping your woodworking operations safe. Chris Marshall provides an overview of some shop safety essentials.

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