Top 20 Clever Captions

Those of you who’ve submitted captions to our cabinet saw photo have proven this: woodworkers can take a goofy photo and made something good of it. At well over 100 captions submitted—and counting—it’s clear we’ve got a collective funnybone!

I’ve been wanting to pick a “Top Ten” list, but between the captions posted to our Facebook page and here on the blog, there are too many good ones for just ten fingers. (And despite all those cabinet saws, I still have ten to count with.) So, with Matt Becker’s help—he’s got all ten digits, too—we’ve picked 20 of the funniest ones. If yours didn’t make the cut (yeah, couldn’t help that one), it’s nothing personal. These just made us laugh out loud…but there were plenty of chuckles and smiles for the rest.

See if you agree:

• Sniffing the thinners will usually leave you seeing double or even triple…in this case, there was more than one bottle open… [Patrick]

• Got a handyman infestation? Set any one of these fine traps and he won’t be able to resist the temptation. [Anton]

• Now where did I put that universal blade changing wrench? [woodgeek]

• Kirk to Engineering: the transporter is stuck on “Copy” again [Ken]

• Now this…is a real heavy metal group. [Bob Shubert]

• And then I woke up and realized it was just a dream. [Gary Storme]

• Cabinet saws of the world, UNITE! [Josef Cook]

• Where do good woodworkers go when they die? [Carol Oster]

• And that’s how, with a few minor adjustments, you can turn a regular cabinet saw into seven cabinet saws. [Adam]

• On a dare, Chris Marshall attempted to build realistic wooden replicas of cabinet saws in his workshop. Can you guess which one is the real saw? [Laura]

• The saws huddled together, trying to choose a leader… [William Babb]

• Tired of making blade changes, Joe equips his shop with a saw for each application. [Karl]

• First saw takes it down to 6 inches, next one to 5, then 4…, and eventually, A TOOTHPICK! [Chet Kloss]

• OK sir, can you pick out the saw that cut your finger out of the lineup? Take your time, they can’t see you. [Lamar]

• Rip,rip,rip,rip,rip,rip,crosscut. [Philip “Less Digits” Mielke]  Yikes, “Less Digits,” this would NOT be the shop for you!

• Apparently, he misunderstood the concept of “gang ripping.” [Chris@flairwoodworks]

• What could I do? They were ALL on sale! [Patricia Tuttle]

• My name is Dan, and I’m a Saw-aholic. [Dan Valleskey]

• This takes resawing to a whole new level. [Jim Daniels]

• Oh my, I guess I shouldn’t have kept hitting enter when I submitted my order. [Gary D. Jones]

Nice job, all.

Catch you in the shop,

Chris Marshall, Field Editor

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