Best of April Fools

Best of April Fools

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Fooled ya once … well, actually, many times in the past. If you saw our email on April 1 this year, you’ll notice that our annual April Fools’ missive this year was not quite as full of Fool-ishness as it’s been in the past. This year’s calendar itself played some tricks on everyone, with April Fools’ Day and Easter Sunday falling on the same date, a fact that we tried to respect. If you’re regretting that you didn’t receive a larger dose of Tomfoolery, we’ve compiled some of the “greatest hits” of April Fools’ editions past into the “Best of” compilation you’ll find in this issue.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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Today's Woodworker

  • Woodworking: He’s Covered in It

    As a child, Oscar DeLaminated hated anything to do with wood. The child of 60s parents who had gone into plastics, he grew up in an artificially created environment filled with styrofoam, vinyl and polypropylene. Anything that could be dyed orange, was.

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