Issue 104

Issue 104

A Glance at Woodworking Futures

Rob-Portrait351I know that many of you see your woodworking hobby – and, by extension, the eZine – as a welcome relief and escape from the world at large and the pressures of your workaday life. Believe me, I understand completely … I wasn’t always so lucky as to be able to combine my job and my hobby, you know!

This time around, I encourage you to take a look at our Toolmaker Insider and Tool Preview sections — both of which have a strong focus on the woodworking industry and what the future may hold.

What does it mean to the industry that supports your hobby that schools are closing down their woodworking classes? Check out Rockler Woodworking and Hardware President Dave LaPorte’s perspective in Toolmaker Insider. And what does it mean to you that Black and Decker has just made a major purchase that brings seven major tool brands under one roof? See Tool Preview for some insight.

Read, think … email me … then go back to your shop, turn on your band saw and tune out the world again.

— Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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