Issue 135

Issue 135

Just JETing Along!

Rob PortraitThis special eZine is sponsored by WMH Tools … which you probably know better as JET, Powermatic, Performax and Wilton. When I read Michael Dresdner’s interview with WMH’s Steve Erbach, they talked about the long history of these companies, which threw me for a bit of a loop. Because in some ways, I still think of JET tools as the “hard-charging upstart” in the woodworking industry. That was an impression I conjured up 25 years ago or so, when I saw my first JET band saw. (Thanks, Michael; once again I feel old!)

Even so, I’d like to take a moment and say thanks to WMH. When we bought the Woodworker’s Journal, many years ago now, we had a real hard time selling enough ads to pay the bills. Other companies took a wait and see attitude, because in truth, many magazines fail. But JET (and a few others) was early in their support and has been consistent with it over the years. And they were quick to support the eZine as well.

Whatever value they saw in us must have been true, because as it stands now, the eZine is by far the biggest and most successful online woodworking publication, and the Woodworker’s Journal print magazine is the fastest growing magazine in our category. So, thanks for your support. Our readers are always our #1 priority, but without the support of companies like WMH, our readers would not have the magazine they love.


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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