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Little Shop of Horrors

Rob-Portrait351Some of you, with better memories than I possess, may remember that this summer – with much determination and bravado — I declared a firm date of the end of September to clean up my garage. (With the idea being that I could set it up properly as a workshop.) It turned out to be a stroke of good fortune that I failed to assign a year notation to that September deadline (ought-5, ought-6, ought-7 … you get the picture). So it is with much pride that I am glad to report that, well ahead of my September 2006 deadline, and only four (yes – four!) dumpsters later, my garage is pretty close to being clean and organized. I say pretty close, because there were a couple of things that I was unable to give away or throw out. My 1976 Mighty-Mite 1.5 HP outboard motor (missing its prop) is one example. Two (yes — two) 30-gallon electric water heaters that I am sure will someday be of use at my hunting cabin … if I ever get running water at the accurately dubbed “Deer Shack.” I also found two enormous solid aluminum centerboards salvaged from an E Scow, which I am not terribly attached to, but need to find the time to take to a recycling center. Perhaps with the money from the aluminum recyclers I can pay for a couple of trips to the chiropractor, to minimize the effects of a couple of weekend’s worth of uber-cleaning. I love it when a plan comes together!


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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