Issue 16

Issue 16

Where Do You Start?

“Rich as a Stratovari …” was a saying circulating in Italy in the middle of the 1500s, indicating that the famous violin maker was financially successful in addition to being the ultimate craftsman. Interesting, you say, but what’s the point?

I think it’s amazing that Stratovari produced his instruments at a time when there were no lumberyards, no finish manufacturers, not even companies making glue. Forget power tools. He had to start his projects in the woods, cutting down his trees, making his own varnish and creating his own special glues — all before he even entered his shop. He had no choice, but we do.

Some still choose to start at the standing tree (see Toolmaker Insider in this issue of your eZine), but most of us begin with kiln dried S4S lumber, pre-cut to a manageable size. We can dream, however. My sister has a white pine (three grown men together can’t reach around its base) standing on her property which I’ve called dibs on. When it dies … it’s mine to make lumber out of and build furniture from as I wish. What about you? I’d like to share your stories with fellow eZine readers. Who has had the experience of watching one of their projects move from a treasured tree, to the dryingshed, to the shop and finally into a project? Send pics if you’ve got them.

It’s a piece of woodworking lore I think we all enjoy hearing about.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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