Issue 166

Issue 166

New Electronic Adventures

Rob-Portrait351I am going to tell you about the newest thing on the web: It’s free, it’s fast, it’s complete, and it’s cool! I’m talking about our latest labor of love here at the Woodworker’s Journal: the Woodworker’s Journal Resource Digest – Online. It contains all the tool information that you need, available at the speed of light. As most of you know, for many years we produced a print version of the Resource Digest, and it was exceedingly popular. Many woodworkers came to rely on our exhaustive listings of woodworking tools and supplies because it was so dang handy. But it had one huge drawback: almost by the time that we got it back from the printer … it was out-of-date. Such is the challenge of printed products.

So, this year, we decided that we needed to put the listings online, make them searchable and keep them updated all year long. Which is just what we did. But we didn’t stop there; we also added tool articles (more than 60) to the Resource Digest … and linked them to appropriate listings. So if, for example, you’re interested in a table saw – there are a ton of listings about table saws that are available, and if we have a story about that tool … we link it to the listing. It couldn’t be easier, and you get the information you need in a snap.

But that’s not the end of the story. We know that you folks do most of your pre-purchase information gathering on the web, so we added a page to the Resource Digest where manufacturers can place special offers. There will be six new offers every month. So not only is the Resource Digest the best and most efficient place to begin your search for the perfect tool or product, but there will be special deals just for you.

As you might guess, I could go on and on; and in truth I’ve just scratched the surface of what the Resource Digest can do for you folks. I am really proud of the Digest (it was a ton of hard work producing it) and think that we have created a very good product. But I’m not the judge of that. Why don’t you take a few minutes and check it out … and then tell me what you think about it. Who knows, if you want something, we’re very likely to add it … hey, it’s your Resource Digest!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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