Issue 171

Issue 171

Thanks for the Fun

Rob-Portrait351As most of you were quick to figure out, our last eZine effort was the 2007 version of our now famous (infamous?) April Fool’s eZine. But because there was a bit of confusion, let me put everyone at ease: I did not really have a horrific shop accident. I am not at all queasy around blood, and I do not wear exotic undergarments of any sort. I understand that many of you find our attempts at humor sophomoric, and that is good – because they are. I also am aware that some of you are a bit put off by our once-a-year detour from real woodworking.  To those folks, I offer an apology … it is our intention to amuse, not annoy – but that can go astray in a hurry. Most of you were not only accepting of our April Fool’s epistle, but really got into the spirit as well. Compared to some of the suggestions we got for additional embellishments to our fanciful inventions, we were mundane and not at all inventive by comparison.

This week, we are back to our usual fare. The tools and people you will read about this week are real … and you can actually buy them (the tools, not the people). So enjoy the world of woodworking, and thank you for your indulgence.

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    A Fool’s Errand

    On April First, we came out with our third annual April Fool’s Day edition. As usual, it generated more reader response than any other issue.