Issue 184

Issue 184

Here We Go!

Rob PortraitIt’s possible you may remember that, in the early days of the eZine, I would come up with random contests, most of them at least tangentially related to the world of woodworking. We had the messiest shop contest — that one actually frightened me. The weirdest project contest was an eye-opener. We had the woodworking poetry contest: I laughed, I cried … I was perplexed. (But I loved the poems, I still have many of them on my computer.)

You have likely guessed where this is leading: Yup, another contest! This time I want to know, “What was your biggest woodworking goof-up.” I will share one of mine (and let me tell you, I’ve got plenty) if you will share one of yours. I’d prefer that we keep these stories away from the tragic, so I’m not asking for shop injury stories right now (the big dismemberment contest will come later).

I will sort though the stories and we will share the best one in the Feedback section next time out. All the entries will be thrown into a virtual hat, and we will announce three winners in the next eZine as well.

So dig back into those memory banks and send me an e-mail. (Please put goof-up in the subject line of the e-mail.)

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