Issue 190

Issue 190

FREE Plan Bonanza!

Rob-Portrait351OK, this might be one of those “good news”/ bad news” situations. The good news is that we have featured not one, not two, but three high quality, four-color woodworking plans in our regular free plans department. These are the style of plan that we put in the Premium section of the eZine each issue. They are, of course, more expensive and complicated to produce … but they are much prettier to look at. Download these PDFs to your hard drive, and they are yours forever — electronically speaking. The bad news is that this is a one-time event. So alas, next eZine the free plans will return to their previous black and white status. (We call these our “classic” plans.) You may be asking: “Rob, why are you being so generous?” The answer is that I am being diabolical! I assume that once you get a taste of these high quality woodworking plans, you will simply be overwhelmed by the fact that you must have more of them. The only way to get these addicting four-color masterpieces is (ta-da!) to sign up for the premium eZine. I must confess to feeling a bit guilty about this trickery, so here is your warning: If you don’t want to be overcome with plan envy, simply do not click on the free plan button!

There, you’ve had your warning. It is the best I can do.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Click here for Free Plans!

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