Issue 199

Issue 199

Lottery Dream Shop

Rob-Portrait351A few weeks ago, a friend of mine bought a lottery ticket. Of course, by purchasing said ticket, the odds of him actually winning the lottery were only slightly better than if he had never been born. Ignoring that grim shadow of gambling reality, he began a mental exercise of what he would do with the money if he did win. After ticking off a few altruistic deeds: making his parents financially comfortable, sending his kids all the way through grad school, he really got down to brass tacks.

“I am going to build a sweet workshop!” he said, “It’s going to have a big-screen TV, a beer fridge, coffeemaker, Barcalounger and a super-high-speed Internet hook-up.” He also mentioned heating and air conditioning; large, screened windows and specialty lighting.

I found it just a tiny bit ironic that he did not mention a single woodworking tool upgrade for his dream shop. But hey, it was his dream workshop, not mine.

His flights of fancy did get me thinking of my dream woodworking shop.  I don’t really play the lottery, so my chances of building my own high-tech shop are as unlikely as my buddy’s (Just so I don’t keep you in suspense: he didn’t win.) Even so, it was a really enjoyable few minutes, thinking of what it would be like to outfit a new shop from stem to stern. I guarantee that you would be jealous of my swanky, souped-up shop. But with woodworking being as individual as it is, I am guessing it would be different from yours. So what would your no-holds-barred shop contain? Tools or a TV? I had one friend who thought it would be great to put a woodshop on a really big sailboat — then he could sail one day, woodwork the next and never leave home. Band sawing on a bobbing boat?

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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