Issue 217

Issue 217

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Rob PortraitHey – notice anything different?  No, I don’t have a new haircut – look around your screen: it’s our website. This issue of the eZine kicks off our latest update of the site, replete with cool new features and including all of your old favorites. (And stay tuned, there is even more great stuff to come.)  We’ve done away with the Premium section of the eZine but kept many of the features in place (they’re just free now). The site also includes easy navigation to the entire network of Woodworker’s Journal websites and our sister sites.

We are, in fact, re-vamping and re-launching all of our web sites, adding new pages and updating many more. You’ll be seeing more woodworking-based video from us, and even interactive games and quizzes (all of them woodworking related, of course). So keep coming back daily, you’ll never know what you’ll find.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten why you signed up for the eZine in the first place. We’ll continue to provide the best woodworking articles and interviews on the World Wide Web – all delivered with professionalism and a touch of humor.

And okay, I actually did get a haircut . . . thanks for noticing.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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