Issue 220

Issue 220

April Foolishness

Rob-Portrait351I don’t know if you share my fault, but occasionally I am embarrassed by my penchant for sophomoric humor – after all, I can’t even claim middle age any longer (unless I manage to live well beyond 100 years old). But there is something to the phrase “know thyself” (for which I am pretty sure there is a cool Latin saying that I could use to impress you, but my calcifying brain just won’t pull it up).

Anyway, the point I am getting to is that although the April Fool’s version of the eZine could not be put in the category of sophisticated humor, I couldn’t have been more tickled by it.  Again, I understand that people who laugh heartily at their own jokes are often not nearly as funny as they think, but my long-suffering family will tell you that I really do crack myself up.

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