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Issue 231

Woodworking Season Starts

Rob-Portrait351It’s Go Time! With the arrival of September, many predictable things are happening: kids are heading back to school, the days are getting shorter, and my Minnesota Vikings are preparing to once more break my heart at some point in the season. But there is one autumnal event that always lifts my spirits — “woodworking season” kicks back into high gear. So with that feature of fall in mind, I want to announce a sweepstakes that we’ve designed to bring an even more festive atmosphere to your shop.

We are giving away the entire line of Ryobi’s all-new Tek 4 cordless electronic tools. This group of tools runs the gamut from super-cool but practical, like the noise-suppressing headphones with input for an MP3 or iPod®, to the Professional Infrared Thermometer “gun” — which I have been using on my co-workers, even though they have thus far failed to get into spirit of this product. (Literally turning a cold shoulder if the thermometer’s reading is correct.)  So what are you waiting for? Click on the entry block below to put your name in the hat. You can enter once a day – so, to paraphrase Chicago electioneering, enter early and often.

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