Issue 234

Issue 234

Top Drawer T-Shirt Sloganry

Rob-Portrait351Often, I lament the erosion of language use in our society: Text messages that are a jibberish of letters and trinary code, politicians whose syntax is the worst tax proposal ever, email efforts that are an inscrutable sequence of sentence fragments and phrases. But then there are times when I feel that all is right with the world — word wise.

Last issue, in yet another super-cool contest, I asked for slogans that would bedeck the breast of Woodworker’s Journal T-Shirts. The results were a literate logjam of pithy sayings. I could not have been more pleased. Below, you will find the top three entries of the slogan contest. Each of these efforts earned their writers a $25 gift card from (And more than that: shortly, we will have T-shirts available for sale with the three sayings emblazoned for all to see.) You can read more of your clever entries in the Feedback section.

But don’t think we are done with our fall flurry of corny contests. Nope, we’ve got a seasonal sweetie that is sure to please. With Halloween coming on, we’d like to hear from you about either your scariest shop experience, or your most Frankenstein-like project.  Once again, our crack contest judging staff (me) will pick the winners and share them with you. A $25 gift card will be sent to the top three selections.

Woodworkers, start your stories — but first, be sure to read the rest of this eZine. Our sponsor for this issue is Dremel, the originator of the rotary tool. They’ve expanded their line of tools over the many decades they’ve been around, but it’s the rotary tool that’s made the name Dremel into an institution. Check out Chris Marshall’s Industry Interview to read about how it all got started …

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal


1. I came, I sawed, I conquered! – Kent Sutherland

2. Woodworker’s Journal – Based in Minnesota for your protection. – Michael Criswell

3. In this world nothing is certain but death, taxes and wood movement. – Benjamin Shaw

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    What Wood You Say?

    While readers had plenty of thoughts about what a Woodworker’s Journal T-shirt would say, it seems you didn’t have much to say about the rest of last issue’s eZine. One reader did have a thought about the lighting element of a discussion about building a shop from the Q&A section.

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  • Kirei Board

    Kirei Board is a composite panel board manufactured from post-harvest sorghum plant stalks, poplar wood bonding layers, and no-added-formaldehyde adhesive.

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