Issue 305

Issue 305

Stories from Woodworking’s Past

Rob PortraitA little more than a week ago, we sent out an email announcing that we had collected all of the long out-of-print Today’s Woodworker magazines, and put them all on one CD. I had started my magazine career as an associate editor of Today’s Woodworker a few years before we decided to buy Woodworker’s JournalTW, as we called it, was a project-based magazine and, even if I have to say it myself, it was a really good one. We chose to put it out to pasture when we picked up the Journal, but many of you apparently never forgot it. How do I know that? Because literally hundreds and hundreds of you immediately bought the 9-year collection of magazines on the CD. It really took me by surprise.

So thank you for supporting us so well. And thank you for acknowledging the good work we did all those long years ago. (I suppose it’s way too late to ask for a raise …)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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