Issue 338

Issue 338

The Drive to Do

Rob-Portrait351There are those of us who just need to make stuff. Speaking for myself, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t come up with great ideas of things I wanted to make. I recall telling my father, when I was about eight years old, that I had decided to build a submarine, but I would need his outboard motor to complete my project. (And would he help me … because I was not strong enough to lift the motor myself.)

In fact, I think that almost everyone has a spark of the builder inside of them. And it is a sad thing that many folks are stymied when it comes to expressing that spark. Which is why our interview with Beth Ireland in this issue is so inspiring to me. I hope you can take a moment to read how she has not only embraced her own desire to build, but has shared it with others. I hope you will find it as uplifting as I do.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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What's In Store

  • Bosch L-Rack

    Bosch’s L-Rack, a part of their Click & Go system, is available as a standalone system or as individual pieces which can be used to add additional storage to L-Boxxes or to create a custom organization system.

  • ArborTech Mini-Turbo

    The Mini-TURBO™ is a smaller version of the TURBOPlane, a wood sculpting tool that can be used either directly on the ArborTech MiniGrinder or directly fitted to an angle grinder with the supplied extension adapter.

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