Issue 372

Issue 372

Rock On, Woodworkers!

Rob-Portrait351At one point in my life, I was a musician. I played the guitar in a country band, a polka band and various rock & roll bands. I was so involved with guitars that I went to school to become a luthier — although I never really practiced the craft professionally. (Marriage, children and the need to make money right away set that goal aside.) Fast-forward 30 years, and now my son and I are having fun in the shop putting together electric guitar kits, and are having a blast. (My son also decided to become a rock & roll star for a while … apples, trees — you get the picture.)

A question that occurred to me as a result of this is: Do other woodworkers like to mess around building musical instruments? Drums, drum sticks, marimbas, xylophones, banjos, ukuleles, didgeridoos … I am curious.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S.: We just completed a new full-length DVD on getting started in woodturning. It’s super-informative and fun to watch. Check out the DVD, or read more about it in this eZine’s Industry Interview (featuring yours truly).

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